Automated production

Until 2003, we had used only manual labor to manufacture wooden trays, like all other manufacturers did. Due to an increased demand and our desire to improve quality of the products, a decision was taken to organize a principally new modern complex provided with state-of-the-art tray (pallet) manufacturing equipment.

деревянный поддон (паллет)

The installed and adjusted Swedish line made it possible to manufacture wooden trays in large quantities and of better quality. The products’ enhanced strength parameters, more accurate tray geometry, and stable increase of the manufactured products in number are the main advantages of this production.

In the process of the tray (pallet) manufacture, cut notched nails are used that excel the screw nails by many parameters. Thus, the tray strength is improved and our products’ life is extended.

Our production site is fitted with the whole complex of modern process equipment required for the quality products manufacture.

EUROTARA Company, through increasing its presence in the regions, continuously develops production capacities thereof. At present, the full cycle (from logging to tray production) scale production sites are located in Pskov and Leningrad regions.