Wooden trays (pallets)

As of today, the wooden trays are divided into new and used ones.  The trays (pallets) specifications are regulated with GOST 9078-84 and GOST 9557-87. 800x120 mm and 1000x1200 mm are the standard dimensions thereof. Trays with different figures are off-dimensional.

Many enterprises utilize trays that are manufactured to the Specifications (TU). To order a non-typical tray, a drawing thereof should be provided, as well as the specifications of nails and wood quality. The specifications should show the size tolerances. If needed, our specialists can draw up the specifications that meet your requirements to the trays.

EUROTARA Company has an abundant experience in producing the trays for the building materials manufacturers (bricks, aerated concrete etc.).

Our Company performs phyto-sanitary (to ISPM 15 standard) treatment of the trays. At the moment we mainly use thermal treatment, at which wood moisture makes no more than 22%. Accompanying documents are provided for the export supplies.

Additional data on the trays (pallets) is available from the Sales Department:
Tel. (812) 438-10-26, E-mail: info@eurotara.com