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EuroPallet 1200x800 (GOST 9557-87), used, first-rate
form order

The EuroPallet, used not more than twice, is considered a new one. All pallets are made in strict conformity with the European standard UIC 435-2 and are marked with two stamps “EUR” on the right cubes of a pallet. Supporting wood blocks on the right side (if one looks at long butts of a pallet) bear stamp “EUR” as well. Other wood blocks have a trademark of the producer (DB, MAV, SNCF, FS etc.) and several figures (serial number, year of manufacture etc). The pallet decking consists of five boards: thick (145 mm) and thin (100 mm) ones that alternate with each other. The pallet is based on nine wood blocks of different dimensions: 78х100х145 mm on the sides and 78х145х145 mm in the middle.
Bearing capacity is 2500 kg.
Small dirty spots of non-industrial nature, slight wood discoloration because of time (light grey color is possible) are admitted.