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EuroPallet 1200x800 (GOST 9557-87) ISPM 15, Fumigated
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The pallet is manufactured from edge-surfaced lumber of any wood type (fir-tree, pine-tree, aspen, alder-tree) according to requirements of the first and second rate GOST 8486-86 or third rate GOST 2695-83.
The pallet decking, which width is 22 mm, consists of five boards: thick (145 mm) and thin (100 mm) ones that alternate with each other. The distance between boards does not exceed 450 mm and the board length does not exceed 1200 mm. The pallet has three cross-boards which dimensions are 22x145x800 mm. The pallet is based on nine wood blocks of different dimensions: 78х100х145 mm on the sides and 78х145х145 mm in the middle. The pallet has lead-in facets on three lower boards and facets in its corners.
The EuroPallet goes through the phytosanitary processing according to the standard ISPM 15, has a stamp IPPC and fumigation certificate.
Bearing capacity is 2000 kg