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Pallet 1200x1000 (GOST 9078-84), used, second-rateform order

The pallet is manufactured from edge-surfaced lumber of natural moisture content and of any wood type (fir-tree, pine-tree, aspen, alder-tree) according to requirements of the second and third rate GOST 8486-86 or second and third rate GOST 2695-83.
The pallet decking, which width is 18-22 mm, consists of seven boards, which dimensions are 100x1200mm. The pallet has three cross-boards which dimensions are 22x100x1000 mm. The pallet is based on nine wood blocks, which dimensions are 78х100х100 mm.
Bearing capacity is 1500 kg.
We admit dirty spots of non-industrial nature, wood discoloration because of time (grey color is possible), slight splits (not more than half of length and 20 mm of width), internal cracks on boards (not more than half of length), that do not disclose nails and diminish pallet firmness.