Tray pallets

EUROTARA Company is one of the sales leaders in the market of Russia of such products as tray pallets and euro pallets. Only the best types of hard- and softwood are used for the pallet production by the Company that guarantees high quality of the products manufactured by EUROTARA Company, as well as long life thereof. High quality of the tray pallets manufactured by the Company is also ensured by the used modern Swedish wooden tray manufacturing line.

As of today, the Company is engaged not only in the manufacture of the new trays but it also purchases the ones, being already in use, aimed at reselling thereof.  Thus, a pallet price is considerably reduced and the circle of the Company’s clients is extended. Invariably high quality of products and delivery thereof to a required location at a required time allows EUROTARA Company to become one of the leading companies of Russia.

See “Tray pallets” section for the offered products and prices thereof.