Lumber purchases

EUROTARA Company is interested in purchasing the following types of wood:

Edged board for pallets (trays)

Types of wood:

Pine-tree, fir-tree, aspen

Class of wood:

2nd, 3rd

Some (10%) blunt single-side wane, blueing (5%) is admissible

Accepted dimensions:



20 mm (accepted)


100, 120, 145 mm (0/+5mm tolerance)


1.2-6 m

More than 1 mm difference in thickness is inadmissible

In case of end trimmed boards, lengths:


1. 1200 mm, width 100, 120, 145 mm;


2. 1000 mm, width 100 mm (accepted);


3. 800 mm, width 100 mm (accepted).


Tolerance for end trimming -3/+0 mm.

Tolerance for width of 100 mm (-0/+5 mm); of 120 mm (-0/+10 mm); of 145 mm (-2/+10 mm)

Difference in a board thickness in the same bundle -0.5/+0.5 mm

Boards should be unplanned, clean, without any transverse defects, rot, bark, damages, color defects, fungus or treatment with chemical agents. Snags that are not dry are permitted.

Square timber

Types of wood:

Pine-tree, fir-tree, aspen

Thickness: 75мм., 80 мм. -2/+2 мм
Width: 100 мм.;
Length: 1,2 - 6 м.
No difference in thickness of the same square timber is admissible..
It should be bundles of the same thickness.

Lumber should be packed in bundles no more than 3 t in weight, taking account of its possible unloading with a fork-lift truck.
Prior to order fulfillment, please, contact us to confirm the dimensions of currently required lumber.

Tel.: +7 (812) 784-79-12, +7 (812) 784-93-90.